School Safety and Student Well-Being

Every student should feel safe in school

Create a safer, more secure learning environment

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The Challenge

Safety is priority No. 1. But it’s easy to get a false sense of security about your schools. From bullying to other disruptions, students who don’t feel safe, don’t learn.

The Opportunity

Students and staff must be empowered to identify and address safety concerns. By inviting and listening to their feedback, you can create a safer, more secure learning environment.

How K12 Insight can help

K12 Insight partners with school leaders to protect and improve student health and well-being. Give students an easy way to report potential abuses or security gaps in your schools and invite candid feedback to create a culture of caring and empathy.

  • Invite students and staff to report safety or health concerns 24/7
  • Use real-time feedback to quickly identify potential problems or abuses
  • Get critical alerts to improve safety and security policies
  • Provide immediate physical and emotional interventions

Take it from some of our school partners

“We’re creating a caring culture, a customer service-oriented culture, which is a rarity in public education.”

Kimberly N. Smith,
Director of Public Relations,
Alief ISD, Texas

Make student safety and well-being your No. 1 priority

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