Strategic Planning

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The Challenge

Your strategic plan is your roadmap to success. But planning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. For your strategy to work, it has to include input from your community.

The Opportunity

By listening to different perspectives, including input from parents and teachers, you will increase buy-in, eliminate blind spots, and build long-term support for your vision.

How K12 Insight can help

At K12 Insight, we use a 360-degree approach to help you build and implement strategic plans aligned to your district goals–all with continuous input from the school community.

  • Create new opportunities for stakeholder input during the planning process
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Forums
    • Board workshops
  • Send custom messaging to engage your community
  • Adopt a system and process to track your progress over time
  • Receive expert analysis of community feedback
  • Get a custom framework for your strategic plan
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Goals
    • Strategy
    • Objective

Take it from some of our school partners

“K12 Insight helped us determine our community values, then worked with us to develop accountability metrics based on those values.”

Dr. Jamie Wilson,
Superintendent, Denton,
ISD, Texas

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